Founder and CEO, owns and manages properties, vendor process administration

Israel Rabinowitz


Israel Rabinowitz, a principal founder of Axela Development Group, is a seasoned
real estate investor and manager with over 30 years’ experience. Under his guidance Axela was propelled to new heights of success, expanding its holdings to include multi-family properties, commercial properties, and many other real estate ventures.

Mr. Rabinowitz currently owns property throughout the tri-state area. He is responsible for managing their day to day operations, as well as coordinating and overseeing multiple construction and redevelopment projects within his portfolio. He is an expert in construction management, vendor process administration, discovering new real estate investment opportunities and analyzing their viability. A master in real estate, Israel has succeeded in the industry for over three decades withstanding its many ups-and-downs and changes.

Mr. Rabinowitz’s vast experience has molded a diverse and intricate set of skills to support and build growth and success throughout Axela’s portfolios.

Yitz Rabinowitz

Vice President

Yitz Rabinowitz holds more than 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. He has a broad understanding of every aspect of the field including development, construction and property management, making him an all-around asset to the team.

Originally from New York, Yitz is a leader in revolutionizing the real estate field by focusing first on customer’s needs. Yitz’s ability to build enduring partnerships is a testament to his ethics and business acumen. Using his niche ability to understand every need of the customer, Yitz strives for nothing less than excellence. As a result, he effortlessly manages operations and dictates the strategic direction of the company.

Outside of the office, Yitz is well known among the community for his volunteering and community work. Most importantly, he loves spending time with his family and continues to contribute to the community daily.

Senior Vice President Business Development, relationship management, marketing

Vicky Bui

Senior Vice President of Business Development

Since joining Axela in 2018, Vicky has thrived in a number of roles within the company. After showing a strong sense of dedication and drive for excellence, Vicky was named SVP of Business Development with a particular emphasis on providing strategic and operational direction to the team, relationship management and marketing with the end goal of minimizing costs and increasing value.

Coining the term “all-rounder,” she believes in cross-functional team training to improve efficiency and communication. She holds integrity, mutual respect and collaboration in the highest regard with the understanding that our company’s shared knowledge is one of our strongest tools.

Outside of work, Vicky enjoys spending her time with her fiancé, as well as her younger siblings and her dogs.

controller, economics, accounting, finance, policy

Hugo DelRosso


Hugo DelRosso began his journey with Axela Group as an intern in 2019 and was named Controller within his first year. He was born in Connecticut and graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics.

A master of time management, Hugo oversees all aspects of accounting and finance for Axela’s twenty six companies. He works closely with Axela’s managers to ensure accuracy and compliance with the company’s best practices. In addition to managing Group-wide finances, Hugo also guides the financial decisions of the company by monitoring the enforcement of policies and procedures.

Hugo is an avid sports fan – in his free time, you can find him checking scores for his beloved Boston teams as well as minute to minute updates of his fantasy roster. He also enjoys cooking for friends and spending time at his local gym.

Senior Associate Of Development and Acquisitions

Sam Frenkel

Senior Associate of Development & Acquisitions

Originally from Brooklyn NY, Sam Frenkel joined Axela Group in 2019 and plays a crucial role in identifying Axela Group’s next moves.

Always three steps ahead, Sam maintains a consistently growing database of deals. He is constantly evaluating a myriad of properties across the nation and determining their potential in Axela Group’s rapidly expanding portfolio. Sam guides our team in making key decisions regarding new opportunities, ensuring that we continuously grow over time.

When Sam is not touring properties or analyzing data, he enjoys spending time with his family and playing sports with friends.

Mark Shteierman

Project Manager

Mark Shteierman joined Axela Construction in 2018 as Project Manager. Mark works with our clients during every stage of their project, supporting and assisting in any way they need.

From the first consultation, Mark will ensure that he completely understands our clients’ vision – his “client-first” perspective perfectly reflects Axea’s core values! Once Axela is awarded a job, also known as “securing the bag,” Mark will ensure the right subcontractors are in place for each trade. This ensures that the job is completed on time and within the budget range.

Throughout the project, he provides clients with regular updates, assuring the project is completed in accordance with the client’s original vision and budget.

Outside of the office, Mark enjoys spending time with family, playing football and traveling.

Craig Linda

Lead Project Manager

Craig Linda is Axela Construction’s lead project manager. He oversees and coordinates projects across the nation. He is focused on customer service, ensuring the success of each project with our customers’ budgets in mind.

He holds a wide range of experience specializing in corporate interiors, healthcare facilities and other commercial construction out-fits through the US. Craig has over 10 years of experience and a BSBA from Post University.

In his spare time, Craig enjoys playing softball, basketball and flag football with friends and others in his local community. He also enjoys spending time with his family.

Yvette Simard

Project Manager

Yvette Simard holds over 30 years of experience in construction project management. Her focus on collaboration and mutual respect reflects Axela Group’s core values, bringing out the best in each key player and guaranteeing the success of each project.

Yvette ensures projects are completed both on time and well within the customer’s budget range – a value at the core of Axela Group. With Yvette’s wealth of experience and ability to effectively guide and coordinate between all parties involved, owners can rest assured that their projects will be completed to nothing less than perfection.

Yvette currently manages the construction of Pleasantview Estates, a 12 building apartment community in Griswold, CT.

Outside of the office, Yvette enjoys spending time with her family and keeping up with New England sports!

Avi Newman

Property Manager

Avi plays a key role at Axela Group, managing a large number of both commercial and residential properties throughout the nation.

Along with maintaining each property, Avi fills our buildings and keeps them full! Originally from Baltimore, Avi knows how difficult moving can be. He provides all of our tenants with the most seamless and stress free move-ins as possible.

Avi thrives in all aspects of tenant management. He is customer oriented, balancing his time between focusing on capital improvement projects and attending to tenants.

Outside of the office, Avi enjoys spending time with family and friends, in addition to travelling and playing a wide range of sports.