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Since our start in 2002, Axela Group has provided the Bristol area with quality construction and real estate building services. Here at Axela Group, we operate in a variety of different market segments spanning from commercial properties to student housing buildings. 

We want to ensure our customers we will meet all the demands they need, and even better, exceed them! If you are looking for a quote on a commercial project, give us a call today!

Why Choose Axela Group?

Why Choose Axela Group?

Quality Guaranteed

Axela Group strives to provide exceptional customer service and customer involvement throughout the entire process. We aim to create your vision in a seamless and attainable timeframe.

Working Within Budget

While taking on your project, we will always stay within or below your budget. Our team always puts in full effort to provide quality work that matches your budget.

Years of Experience

Within two decades, we’ve helped construct and remodel 500 residential suites, over 400 student housing units and over 800.000 square feet of commercial space.

Commercial Construction Services in Bristol, CT

plaza construction and development project

If you are looking for commercial construction services such as ground-up construction, major redevelopment or apartment building construction in Bristol, Axela Group is here for you.  

Ground Up Construction
For projects with no existing structure, Axela Group can offer you ground-up construction services. Our team has a high level of experience and is dedicated to keeping you updated through the entire process. With our level of expertise in facilitating large-scale commercial projects we are ready to take on any new project including residential clients.

Major Redevelopment 
For pre-existing structures in Bristol, the Axela Group team can help create or revamp any space. We also take care of demolition for new construction needs, and we can help our clients identify potential sites with assessments of potential property reuse.

Multi-Family housing & Apartment Complexes 
Axela Group is capable of building apartment complexes and multi-family units in the Bristol area. Our experienced team will help you through the entire process including the review of federal and state regulations as well as the development of apartment complexes.

Real Estate Development in Bristol, CT

Regardless of the step in construction, Axela Group can provide high quality services through design, construction, marketing, and management. We can help with renovations, professional interior fit-outs, and self-storage construction to make the best space out of your property. 

Professional Renovations
Axela group provides complete renovation services for existing buildings and properties as well. We provide a professional-level interior fitouts and redesign to ensure quality work.

Self Storage Construction 
When it comes to self storage construction, we can help with site selection and development in Bristol, CT. Our approach is to provide a  disciplined and streamlined experience that will help you create a top-notch self-storage facility.

suburban development and construction opportunities

Ready to Get Started?

Axela Group has years of experience in commercial construction, redesign and redevelopment. Our qualified team is ready to take on your new project! Reach out today if you’re looking for construction services in Bristol, CT.