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Enfield’s Trusted Commercial Building Company

Since 2002, our dedicated team at Axela Group has provided Enfield with construction and real estate building services of the highest quality. We are a multitalented construction, property management, and national development agency offering services from commercial properties to student housing. 

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, ensuring your satisfaction with our work. Reach out to us today for a quote!

Why Choose Axela Group?

Why Choose Axela Group?

Quality Guaranteed

We care about the vision you bring to the table. Our team takes all of your needs into consideration and executes with quality and timeliness.

Working Within Budget

Staying within or below your budget is something we at Axela Group consistently uphold. Our skilled team can create high quality structures while working within the lines of your budget.

Years of Experience

Throughout our website you can peruse our work from the past two decades, including more than 500 residential suites, 400 student housing units, and 800,000 square feet of commercial space.

Commercial Construction Services in Enfield, CT

plaza construction and development project

Alexa Group provides the Enfield area with a variety of construction services, consisting of ground-up construction, major redevelopment, and apartment building construction. 

Ground Up Construction

For properties without an already existing structure, Axela Group can provide excellent ground-up services. Our team is able to efficiently facilitate residential and commercial projects while keeping the client involved throughout the entire process.

Major Redevelopment 

Our team is here to service your redevelopment needs, taking your current structure and revamping to improve its functionality and visual appeal. Demolition is no problem, as we can provide these services if needed as well. 

Multi-Family housing & Apartment Complexes 

From small apartments to larger multi-family complexes, Axela Group constructs the appealing living spaces that you desire. With our high level of expertise, we will execute the project with diligence and efficiently review all federal and state regulations necessary. 

Real Estate Development in enfield, CT

Through design, construction, marketing, and management, the Axela Group team can assist in creating the ideal space for your property. 

Professional Renovations

We offer some of the top rated renovations in the area, and are ready to completely renovate already existing buildings and properties. Our skilled team of professionals will assist you with interior fitouts as well as redesigns.

Self Storage Construction 

Axela Group has extensive experience in the realm of self storage construction. Our diligent approach in development makes us a top choice in the Enfield community for the construction of storage units.

suburban development and construction opportunities

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Axela Group has two decades worth of experience in commercial construction, redesign, and redevelopment. We are qualified and ready to take your project in the Enfield area to the next level. Call us for a quote today!