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Axela Group, a highly profiled national development, construction, and property management company, has been providing top of the line services to all its clients located in the greater Mansfield area for over 2 decades now.  Our company has been recognized time and time again as one of the best all round construction, development and property management companies on the east coast.  Here at Axela Group our team of professionals takes pride in both our marketplace and industry presence and in our high customer satisfaction rating.  Located in Waterbury, CT, Axela Group is dedicated to meeting the needs of all our valued clients.          

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Why Choose Axela Group?

Why Choose Axela Group?

Quality Guaranteed

At Axela Group we promote client involvement and encourage all our valued clients to be involved with their construction related projects every step of the way. We are committed to meeting the needs of our clients and take a great interest in hearing and understanding their ideas and their project goals.

Working Within Budget

The team here at Axela Group knows full well how important it is to work within the budgets of our Mansfield clients and understands the significant role your budget plays in the successful performance and completion of your individual project.

Years of Experience

For over two decades now, our team of dedicated professionals have successfully completed the construction and remodeling of over 500 residential projects, 400 student housing units, and 800,000 square feet of commercial property space.

Commercial Construction Services in Mansfield, CT

plaza construction and development project

Our company has been recognized for our state-of-the-art commercial construction services and for our commitment to the goals of our many clients.  We offer clients ground-up construction, major development services and apartment building construction services throughout Mansfield and the surrounding towns.      

Ground Up Construction

For our clients who own a plot of land with no existing structure yet, we here at Axela Group are on hand to provide high-quality ground-up construction services.  Our team of contractors and builders are on site from the very start of your construction project right on out to its completion date.  We ensure that your construction project is customized to meet your individual goals and needs and strive to work within your budgets and timelines.       

Major Redevelopment 

For those projects with existing structures that are in need of renovations or remodeling, we have got you covered.  Here at Axela Group our team of skilled professionals are equipped to perform redevelopment needs of all types including demolition right through to final renovations and remodeling services.       

Multi-Family housing & Apartment Complexes 

Alexa Group also provides, for multi-family housing and apartment complexes, superior construction services, including identification and compliance with all local, state and federal regulations.         

Real Estate Development in Mansfield, CT

For clients in need of real estate development of any type in Mansfield, rest assured you can always count on the pros at Axela Group.  We take pride in our premier design, construction, marketing, and management services we provide for the redevelopment of your property and are mindful of client budgets and timelines throughout the entire redevelopment project.        

Professional Renovations

Our highly skilled and trained professionals here at Axela Group have come to be known as some of the best in the industry.  Whether for residential or commercial projects in Mansfield, we are definitely the team for you.  From interior fit-outs to redesign services we are equipped to get the job done.        

Self Storage Construction 

At Axela Group we also provide quality self-storage construction services to those clients looking to build a self-storage facility in Mansfield or in any of the adjacent towns.  We construct spacious storage receptacles for your self-storage facility and can also assist with identifying ideal locations for the build of your storage facility.     

suburban development and construction opportunities

Ready to Get Started?

If you are prepared to begin your residential or commercial construction or redevelopment project or are in need of high-quality management services then look no further than the professionals here at Axela Group.  Contact one of our team for your free consultation and a free quote today.